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Common Advice for Premature Ejaculation sufferers

While surfing the web you will have seen the following common advice that sex therapists give to premature ejaculation sufferers:

  • Masturbate before having sex
  • Distract yourself during intercourse by thinking of something else
  • Interrupt your intercourse and squeeze your penis
  • Exercise your P.C. muscle

This advice is wrong for the following reasons:

Masturbate before having sex: This is typical idea that a healthy person may have to calm themselves down if they are over stimulated. However it should not and cannot apply to a person who suffers from premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a small form of impotence. It is a sexual dysfunction that comes about because one's reproductive system cannot take the stress of sex. Masturbate before sex is therefore the one wrong thing to advise.

Distract yourself during intercourse. This is also an idea thought up by a healthy person who thinks that premature ejaculation is occurring because one is over-excited by the idea of sex, or by the conscious thought of sex. It may work for someone who is healthy because their ejaculatory control is in sync with the rest of their body and with their mind. It cannot work for a premature ejaculation sufferer because their reproductive system cannot stand up to sex, and it is certainly not going to be cheated by a conscious thought. In fact if there is one thing that has no effect on uncontrolled ejaculation is exactly a conscious thought (anyway, we certainly would not need to go to a specialist to advise us to think about something else – thank you very much!)

Interrupt your intercourse and squeeze your penis. This is the school teacher way of treating a naughty boy, or of correcting a behavior that is deviating from the norm. Again, this is an idea thought up by someone who thinks that with patience and tolerance they can teach the right way of doing things. Well unfortunately this can only have as much success as trying to patiently teach a person without legs how to walk.

Exercise your PC muscle. This is the only advice that is looking in the right direction. However, again, it is only useful to a healthy person. It is too late and useless for a premature ejaculation sufferer to exercise their PC muscle because although the problem is partially related to the PC muscle, exercising it is not addressing the cause of the problem, and may actually make things worse for a number of reasons. This is like someone with broken legs who cannot walk any more, exercising their leg muscles with the hope of walking again.

In my book I address these issues and describe how you can identify the problems that are causing your PC muscle to be tensed, and how to address a solution to them.


Solutions to Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction and should be treated by addressing the problem. Actually what I have discovered is that there are several problems that work together, and add to each other, to bring about premature ejaculation. This is why it cannot be solved by a single action, such as taking a medicine, or performing a single activity. To solve the premature ejaculation problem we have to take a holistic approach and analyze all the problems that are interoperating in order to address them together.

The approach taken in my book is to understand that premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction caused by the inability of the reproductive system to withstand sex. From a certain point of view it is like being slightly impotent. This may not sound right because the premature ejaculation sufferer does feel very aroused, and the feeling is that their erection is about to explode with pleasure. This may not fit with one's image of an impotent person. However what I have found is that the sensation of exploding pleasure and extreme arousal is actually only caused by an excessive tension in the Pubococcygeus (P.C.) muscle, which is due to a number of reasons all related to the difficulty of withstanding sex. In my book I document not only how to learn to control the P.C. muscle but most of all to cure the problems that are causing this excessive tension in the P.C. muscle.

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Bad advice commonly given to Premature Ejaculation sufferers:

  • Masturbate before having sex
  • Distract yourself during sex. Think of something else.
  • Interrupt your intercourse and squeeze your penis
  • Exercise your P.C. muscle

As you know, none of this is going to help.

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