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The book: Last Longer and Stronger. Premature Ejaculation Treated.

Starting from a correct definition of the problem, my book takes the reader through a self-diagnosis based on common sense and rationality. Several problems are at play and each reader has to understand to what extent each of these are contributing to their own situation.

Excercises are at the heart of the programme to cure from premature ejaculation. These excercises serve to practice control over certain muscles in order to optimise your erection to reduce the stress on your reproductive system, and to coordinate your breathing with the rest of your movements in order to balance the bio-electric stimulation that you receive from your penis. In other words these exercises are aimed at strengthening your sexuality to reduce the stress, and at balancing and harmonising the sensations that you feel in order to increase your control and your equilibrium with regards to sexual stimulus. An important factor in these exercises is to increase the cardio-respiratory performance which lies at the base of all the functions of your brain and your body.

My book also documents several excercises that are not to be done, such as Masters and Johnston stop and squeeze excercise, and Kegel exercises, both of which are widely (and wildely) advised on many premature ejaculation websites.

My book also touches on certain natural supplements, and the advantages or disadvantages in taking them. This chapter is another valuable resource for the premature ejaculation sufferer, and is to be used to create a custom therapy based on natural supplements that have been used on a daily basis by several cultures around the world for thousands of years.


What is Premature Ejaculation and how can one cure from it?

Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction and should be treated by addressing the problem. Actually what I have discovered is that there are several problems that work together, and add to each other, to bring about premature ejaculation. This is why it cannot be solved by a single action, such as taking a medicine, or performing a single activity. To solve the premature ejaculation problem we have to take a holistic approach and analyze all the problems that are interoperating in order to address them together.

The approach taken in my book is to understand that premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction caused by the inability of the reproductive system to withstand sex. From a certain point of view it is like being slightly impotent. This may not sound right because the premature ejaculation sufferer does feel very aroused, and the feeling in the penis is that it is about to explode with pleasure. This may not fit with one's image of an impotent person. However what I have found is that the sensation of exploding pleasure and extreme arousal is actually only caused by an excessive tension in the Pubococcygeus (P.C.) muscle, which is due to a number of reasons all related to the difficulty of withstanding sex. In my book I document not only how to learn to control the P.C. muscle but most of all to cure the problems that are causing this excessive tension in the P.C. muscle. Read this for more information.

Click here for more information on how premature ejaculation can be treated to last longer in bed.

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Premature Ejaculation Treated - Last Longer and Stronger in Bed

Guarantee: There is an unconditional 6 month guarantee on this book. If you follow this program and do not achieve satisfactory results you will be refunded fully.
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By using this book you will be accepting to follow instructions to cure your premature ejaculation problem. It will require you to do some excercises and to take some natural supplements. You will ultimately decide on the type and quantity of exercises and supplements to take. You will be suprised at the results achieved in a matter of weeks. However you will have to sustain the exercises for the rest of your life. If you do not achieve satisfactory results after 6 months of purchase of this book, if you have followed the program, then you will be fully reimbursed.

Please contact me if you have any questions info@prematureejaculationtreated.com

Solutions to Premature Ejaculation

You will have seen the following common advice that sex therapists give to premature ejaculation sufferers:

  • Exercise your Pubococcygeus muscle (P.C. muscle)
  • Masturbate before having sex
  • Distract yourself during intercourse by thinking of something else
  • Interrupt your intercourse and squeeze your penis

If this advice sounds to you like an intelligent cure to a sexual dysfunction, please think twice. Most websites and books advise one or more of these methods. Sex therapists and doctors advise these techniques some of which are the results of the work of two famous sexologists: Masters and Johnson , who pioneered in this field more that half a century ago, and others just seem like a logical solution to those who are not fully involved in the problem.

However intuition alone should tell you that the solution cannot lie in trying to "cheat" your body or your mind into lasting longer and not even to "train" it to last longer. The above advise is exactly what should not be done. Click here for more information on why these exercises for premature ejaculation will not cure the problem.



This website does not contain photos of unhappy couples and unsatisfied women.


This book does:

  • Explain why premature ejaculation is a physical problem that is often mistakenly considered a psychological problem
  • Show you that premature ejaculation is a curable and slight form of impotence resulting from loss of performance of specific organs in your body, due to aging for example
  • Provide a program based on straightforward exercises and natural supplements to address the issues that are causing premature ejaculation.

This book does not:
  • Claim to enable you last longer in bed starting from tonight
  • Advise numbing cream or sprays
  • Advise special desensitizing condoms
  • Advise to take any medications, or tranquilizers such as Prozac

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